Odd Ones

Here I am again, sorry for the lack of posts, been working.

Odd ones? Yes this is a weird title but then again my blogs name is My Unusual Life.

As you are all aware I suffer from diabetes. I am type 2. I was diagnosed in 2002. I wasnt really getting the main symptoms of increased thirst, running to the bathroom, tiredness. No for me it was reoccurring infections. It was then my GP decided to test me. I had to fast from the evening until the morning when a blood test was taken, I then drank an awful tasting sugary drink, waited an hour at the surgery for the blood test to be repeated. Results came back that I were in fact diabetic. It did change my way of eating, having to eat 3 meals a day and watching what I were eating. I then had to be put onto medication. Tablets to be taken with every meal. Infections still carried on, medication was adjusted. As time went on, medication didn’t really help. I then went onto insulin. This was a very scary time. How would I get on injecting myself? Not only that I had to also test my blood sugars with a needle. The time came when I had an appointment with the hospital to talk about going onto insulin. Stuart came along for support. We spoke about testing then about the needles. I chose to have the pen. I had a look at the display one then I were shown by the nurse how to inject. She did it on herself, of course there was only water in it. She then passed the pen to me and told me to show her what she had done. OH MY GOD I had to try it out in front her? I managed it and it hurt after. She got all the prescriptions ready, this is it I thought, I would be doing all of this on my own tonight. I had to inject myself with each meal and another type of insulin at night, so in total injecting myself 4 times a day. Testing blood sugars was a minimum of 7 times a day. Doing it at home was ok but when I went out in public was a different matter. The looks off people I use to get I felt embarrassed. Time went on and my thoughts changed, I NEEDED to do this I HAVE to do this for my health, you want to look then look but don’t pull faces or judge me. If you have questions then come and ask, I will be willing to tell you what I’m doing. It doesn’t faze me now. It did a year ago when I started a new job, I hid it away and some times I wouldn’t take it at work, but now I do. Some people are like, “err how can you do that I couldn’t”, Well to be honest I have to. There has been times when I’ve had hypos and hypers and some of them have been at work. Managers that have been on have been great to me, letting me have some time out so I can get my blood sugars up. Having hypos are scary. I usually recognise the symptoms but sometimes when working in a hot kitchen the symptoms are hidden and more harder to recognise.

So why am I doing this post? Well its Diabetes Awareness Month. We are trying to make others aware of the disease. We are not asking people do donate all we are asking is to make it aware by being fun, its called #SockItToDiabetes. The rules are 1, find a pair of mis-matched socks (preferably orange, grey or blue) 2, snap a picture and hash tag it #SockItToDiabetes. You can place your picture on any social media site. Let everyone be aware 😉 IMG_742900165899607

Here is my #SockItToDiabetes  #DiabetesAwarenessMonth


Thank you for taking the time to read and posting your pictures. Have fun!



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