What Is RMHC?

Well here I am again. Another post and to be honest this is a post that needs to be published to make people aware of this great charity. Many of you would have heard about Breast Cancer, Save The Chidren, Macmillan Cancer Support, Oxfam, The Salvation Army charities, more than listed here but how many of you have heard the RMHC? Not many. Well this is dedicated to the RMHC.

What is RMHC? As an employee of Mcdonalds I didn’t get to learn who they where or what they did until I started working here. RMHC is Ronald McDonalds House Charity link here. Mcdonalds and their employees try to raise money for the charity who provide free ‘home away from home’ accommodation at specialists childern’s hospitals across the UK, enabling families to stay close to their child and maintain a degree of normal family life. I feel that this particularly charity doesn’t get as much support as others that it needs. This is why all of you out there need to be aware of this great charity. Please click on the ‘link here’ to find out more.

So to raising money. Anyone can decide to raise money for RMHC and collect a form to help them. Us staff also get involved. On Saturday 25th October 2014 was the day when all McDonalds stores got involved with the customers to raise as much money as they could. I would have usually worked that day but I booked the time off so I could come in and take pictures to make this post.

So what did our store do? We had a 24 hour bike ride in the store, face painting on the day, 2 hour windscreen washing on the day, 2 hour bean bath, head shave and legs waxed. So the 24 hour bike ride, it was the managers/crew trainers against the crew members. Last year the crew members were beaten by the managers, it was our aim this time to beat the managers. Here are a few pictures of them. 2014-10-26 17.35.01

2014-10-26 17.24.362014-10-26 17.33.51

2014-10-26 17.31.24

2014-10-26 17.32.242014-10-26 17.30.45

2014-10-26 17.34.34

2014-10-26 17.30.11









It was great to see everyone getting involved and having fun. Each one rode for an hour against each other. After every hour the Kms were written down on a board in front of the bikes. Some got dressed up for the occasion.

2014-10-26 17.29.38


Even the customers were getting involved, saying who they wanted to win and also by donating.


2 hour bean bath was by one of the assistant managers from the store Sam J. All week staff were bringing in their tins of beans, we needed around 400 tins. All staff were great and brought in as much as they could. Sam J got the bath. There was also a debate on what Sam J would wear. In the end he wore his managers uniform with a bath robe and shower cap. Sam J was to do this outside in the drive thru part so customers could have a good look and a giggle.

2014-10-26 17.26.582014-10-26 17.25.322014-10-26 17.25.03

Of course Sam J had to have someone to collect the money too! I was informed that a customer said that they would donate £5 for Sam J to eat a bean that he had been sat in and guess what he did! Take my hat off to you there Sam!

So here comes the pictures of the 2 hour windscreen wash. I bet the staff that were doing it thought that they were doing it in their uniform, managers had other ideas.

2014-10-26 17.26.012014-10-26 17.28.07










They looked great though and customers loved it.


We also had face painting, a big hit with the children and of course we cater for all ages. Again staff got involved in the face painting, not by doing it but by having their face painted and working like it.

2014-10-26 17.23.142014-10-26 17.23.56










So all in all everyone had a great day to raise money for RMHC. Results of the 24 hour bike ride, of course the crew members beat the managers/crew trainers! But more importantly on the day we raised £1180.00. That will now go to great use for the charity. We will continue to raise money. I will continue to get others aware of the charity so more people can help and make others aware too. So please feel free to others who you meet, live with, friends and family to help make them aware of RMHC. It is a charity that doesn’t get recognised, it doesn’t get the funding that it needs, the publicity that it needs. Lets make everyone aware, please.

So again please clink on the RMHC link, see what help you could do or to even learn more about the charity so you can make a difference to spreading the word. I’m doing my bit by telling you all about it with my blog  and it going worldwide. Thank you.



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