Lack Of Posts

Hi there everyone. I was hoping to do another post this week but due to ill-health I’ve not managed to put one together. With my posts I have to plan them out. So this is an update and that I’ve not forgot about you all.

At the present time, like I’ve said I have been struggling with my health. As you are aware I do suffer with Asthma. It was diagnosed when I was 18 months old, in and out of hospital when I was little. It hasn’t really left me, I were told that I could outgrow it in my teens, but I wasn’t so lucky enough for this to happen to me. My Asthma usually gets worse with allergies, cough, colds, weather changes etc, etc. Well last Saturday I did start with a cough, this lead to me loosing my voice on the Sunday. I then started with a cold. This then lead to a chest infection. I went to the GP as my inhalers were not working. I didn’t want to leave it for too long as 2 years ago, I had a bad turn with my Asthma. The treatment for Asthma attacks is usually a couple of nebulizer’s along with a course of steroids. 2 years ago, this was not happening for me. I were on nebulizer’s one after each other, still wheezing after each even though they were all back to back. The nurses got concerned, a DR came in to me and of course I were admitted and put on a drip with magnesium sulphate. I have never had to have  a drip in for my Asthma. Over the next few days in hospital, x-rays were taken of my lungs. More drips were put in me. At one point nurse had taken out my cannula but as my condition didn’t improve the DR wanted it back in, it took the DR and a nurse 1 hour to get one in as when you struggle to breath all your veins shut down. On top of all this, I were having to have blood tests during the night as I also have Diabetes which is controlled with insulin and because the steroids affect my blood sugars which make them sky-high I were getting Ketones in my blood which is also dangerous. In total I spent 9 days in hospital. I weren’t wheeze free when I left, it took a while for me to recover.

So this is where I’m at the present. Being treated for a chest infection, on antibiotics and steroids. Had to be nebulized at the DR’s when I went on Friday. Inhalers are not working to their best but I’m still trying to get on with things, ie, work. I try to do small tasks at work but I don’t like letting my team down, especially with it being so busy at weekends. So when I am working I’m coming home and just relaxing so 1, I can try to get over this infection and 2, that I don’t end up back in hospital. So please just bear with me for a bit and more interesting posts will start to appear. Thank you for your patience.


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