Teenage Life

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to go back into your teenage years? I had the experience about a month ago when I went back to my hometown to visit my family.

My eldest niece is 13 years old. At the time I went to visit them the fair was on. I had planned to go to the fair with her, my youngest niece who is 7, their Mom and her friends.












Being a teenager also includes having stroppy moments. The eldest Lauren, moaning about some friends being there/not being there and then she wasn’t going, then she was. The youngest Millie was totally up for it and she couldn’t wait. We walked over to the park. Knowing that Millie was only 7 years old, I wasn’t expecting to go on the bigger rides with Lauren, though some I wouldn’t go on. Millie went on some first.


Lauren then went on a few with a friend, I didn’t like the look of them so I skipped it.


Lauren then asked if I would go on the waltzers with her and her friend. I said yes. The next thing I knew Millie were coming on too. What? Did she like it? Had she been on before? Apparently she had. Being an Auntie I were over protective of them and I had a duty to look after her. What if she didn’t like it? We all got on. I made sure the bar was down and I secured it with my foot. We tried to take a selfie before the ride began but we were too late.

20140829_183516 (1)

As a child when I were a teenager I loved this ride. So it had begun. Lauren, Millie, a friend and me all on this ride. We all laughed our heads off. It spun round, round and around. It felt like it went on forever. We got off. I didn’t feel so great, not the feeling that I had years ago! One ride and I were done for the night. Age does creep up on you. Lauren and Millie continued to go on the rides. Again I were shocked that Millie were going on the older rides. Everytime I were saying to her, ‘hold on tight’





Sometimes my heart was in my mouth, seeing Millie on those rides. Everytime she going round I’d be shouting at her to hold on tight. Millie had no fear. Some of the pictures that were taken, it looked like Lauren was being a stroppy teenager as I wasn’t going on some of the rides with her. But I suppose that’s what it’s called being a teenager.






There was one ride she was begging me to go and I were point-blank refusing. She had a little mard as teenagers do, but she finally agreed to go on by herself.


I had to admit, I had a great time at the fair with my nieces. Having a good time, laughing and having loads of fun. It did take me back to my teenagers years again. Having a right laugh, seeing the strops again. I wouldn’t go back to those days, I’ve seen enough from Lauren and I don’t miss them.

Thank you Lauren for taking me back to my teenager years again and Thank you Millie for scaring me at times. Love you both. XX





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