Hearts Of Gold?

Do people have hearts of gold? My answer would be yes. Let me tell you why I think this.

It all starts off with my Grandparents. As I was growing up, I knew we had a large family but our large family was extended, how? My Grandparents before they became unwell and sadly passed away they were foster parents, they fostered african / Caribbean children. They fostered for a total of over 30 years. I therefore grew up with what people thought of back in the day as ‘different’ children, just because of the colour of their skin. Some use to be around my age when I was little so they went to the same school as me, it were hard as they use to be picked on, again just because the colour of their skin. Of course I stood up for them, they were my friends/family.

I remember the children coming and going. Where they went to I wasn’t sure, being young I didn’t really understand, all I knew was that my Grandparents gave them a home for a while, I didn’t know why they were there.

I do remember a particular time though. There was this one lady, I think she was in her teens. My Grandparents thought about trying to find her real parents. To this day I’m unsure whether she found them. My Grandparents must have loved her so much, I know why as I grew up more with her, they decided to adopt her. She became my Auntie. I’m glad they did adopt her, she is such a special Auntie to me, got to admit she is my favourite too! People shouldn’t judge others just because the colour of their skin back in those days, I think people have adapted in these days. I wonder how my Auntie felt when she were adopted, I’ve never really asked her, maybe one day I could talk to her and ask her.



So to the question I asked, yes my Grandparents had hearts of gold.

There are others that I think have hearts of gold too.

They are my parents, of course everyone will say that their parents have a heart of gold too but mine have special ones as they also became foster parents around 2/3 years. I asked my parents what inspired them to become foster parents and it was a combination to my grandparents fostering and the fact that t.v had an influence on them. Seeing programmes and adverts on the children suffering, instead of donating money to good causes or going out to different countries to help they decided that their best approach to help was to actually look after them and try to give them a life line and possibly a second chance in life.

I remember my parents coming to me with the idea and asking me how I felt about it. Of course I wasn’t living with them, I had my own life, but I stood behind them all the way. I also have the social workers asking me how I felt, Again I told them that I support my parents.

My parents continued, it were a long progress for them, going to meetings having different checks on them and us as their children had to have checks too. Everything was going well. My parents went for the final meeting, this was to be decided if they were able to become foster parents. It was great news, they had made it through, all the meetings, checks and training paid off. We were all over the moon for them.

I remember when my parents had one little special boy, I will name him Tom (due to confidentiality reasons his name is changed) He was a troubled little boy with behaviour problems as well as others but parents were not allowed to disclose information about him. That I didn’t mind and I respected that. I speak to my parents most days over the phone, Tom became aware that it were mainly me talking on the phone, I use to hear him say ‘is that Amanda, Pauline?’ Tom knew what I looked like as parents have a family album just for the foster to look at. I was coming to spend the weekend with my parents when my Grandfather was poorly. 1, so I could see my Grandfather and 2, so I could help with Tom whilst my parents went to visit Grandfather. By this time my parents had worked well with Tom, his behaviour was better, he was doing so well at school, he was reading and writing up to the standards of his age. He was a caring little boy by the time I met him. Tom and I sat on the sofa watching tv. We were taught that if they wanted some love it were best if they approached us. Tom sat close to me, took my arm and wrapped it around his shoulder. My parents had him for over a year and the social decided that it would be great if he were adopted.

My parents had mixed emotions towards this but it were Tom’s life and with him being 6 years old he would love to be stabled. Potential parents came forward. They all went to like a garden party were potential parents would go to and mix and talk to the children. That was it, my parents had a  phone call saying that parents were interested in Tom. He met them and spent a night or two with them. The date was given for Tom to move.

The day came, it was an emotional day for my parents, they had really became to love him and were attached, it’s hard not to get attached. The day or so before they threw a party for Tom, a farewell party. It must have been so hard for them to pack up Tom’s belonging and say goodbye to him, but they had given Tom a second chance in life and new parents, knowing that he would always be cared for and no fear of him being moved. To this day, they still keep in touch with Tom. His new adopted parents were so kind to let them all keep in touch. They are planning on meeting up with Tom soon. Tom will always be grateful to my parents helping him and giving him a new life. Tom also asks how I am so I know he hasn’t forgotten me either.

217140_1043880580865_4742_n217140_1043880580865_4742_n (1)

So again the answer to the question, do people have hearts of gold? Yes my parents do!



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