Our Famous Boy

I first met our boy in August 2004. That time he is living with his daddy. He was manic and adorable. He was only 6 months old.


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At the time I wasn’t living with his daddy, so every time I saw our boy, lets just say he was very excited to see me.

In August 2007, our boy then gained a new mommy, yes I married his daddy. We all moved in together in a new house, Stuart, Winston and I. At times Winston annoyed me, like most pets annoyed their owners. Stuart and I couldn’t do some things like, cuddle up together. Winston had to be the centre of attention. He loved having cuddles off his daddy. Winston use to give me that look ‘ha ha I’m getting cuddles off daddy and your not’

Winston settled in the new house, he knew he wasn’t allowed in the bedrooms as he did in the old house, only because I suffered with Asthma, I couldn’t pet him much as was allergic to his hair but I still loved him. Winston had a favourite place in the house, a step leading into the kitchen where he loved to snuggle up.

Stuart started to get more into his book reading and in time he started up a blog about all the books he read. He named his blog after our boy, Winstonsdad.

Winstonsdad blogs travelled the world and everyone became familiar with Winstonsdad picture. It was a picture of our boy Winston.

Winston became older, slower and more loveable. We had to take him to the vets one day as his back leg gave way. Visiting the vets wasn’t a great experience for any of us, especially our boy, he didn’t like them. We hated the point of where we had to try to get a muzzle on him.

So then we were told that our boy had arthritis in his hips. He was given tablets to help with the pain and swelling. He went out for very short walks, some days he couldn’t make it over the road. He never did his business in the back yard, never had and although we tried for years, he just enjoyed his walks too much. Anyway we gave the tablets some time to get into his body, but to us they weren’t helping our poor boy. It was time for another visit to the vets as he also started with a cough and seemed to be getting weaker. We just thought it were the tablets. Stuart made the appointment, I had to take time off work, which I didn’t mind, our boy was poorly.

Sat in the vets waiting room, Winston’s breathing had become a bit bad, wheezing and coughing. He wasn’t fazed by the staff. We were called in. Stuart picked our boy up onto the table, this we had never done and a muzzle was placed on, he looked so sad but I were there telling him it’ll be ok. Vet was lovely with him, she examined him. This was not arthritis. He had fluid on his lungs or pneumonia. Couple of options the vet said, take him in, sedate him and x-ray (he was 10 and half) Stuart and I decided that our boy may not even make it out of the sedation so we said no. The other option was to give him 2 injections now, to ease pain and remove the fluid off his lung. Of course before we made the decision I spoke to Stuart about our boys quality of life if it didn’t work. Stuart and I decided to give our a boy a chance, no indication from the vet that it was so serious.

We took our boy home. He got through the gate and he just laid in the floor, tired, it seemed like he had started to give up. We sat with him outside untill we managed to get him inside and comfortable on his bed we made up for him 2 weeks previously. We continued to sit with him, giving him lots of love. He was home for 2 hours and that was it, our boy was giving up, it was very hard to accept. Our boy became incontinent and his breathing became worse. We knew we had to do something, we had to let him go. We rung up the out of hours vet number, explained situation, they wanted £600.00 to come out. We were gob smacked so straight away we found another vet who could help him. We went straight away.

Stuart carried our boy out the car. Our hearts were becoming empty. The vet we saw was great and so caring, she knew when she saw him that our decision to end his suffering was right, she didn’t ask questions as to why, we just explained what had happened at the vets around 2 hours ago. She nodded with a sad face and could feel his pain that we were feeling. I said that he may need to be nuzzled as he had a short temper. She shook her head and said ‘I don’t think he will fight’ She asked if we wanted to stay, we said we weren’t leaving our boy. The vet was right, our boy was brave and didn’t flinch when she shaved his leg or when she put the needle in. Stuart and I held and stroked our boy until he fell asleep.

My heart was broken and I sobbed. So was Stuart’s. We were both numb. Stuart’s brother took us to the vets, he use to live with Stuart and Winston. It was nice to see Stuart and his brother hug and I think his brother was glad to say goodbye to him. Stuart and I returned home, we were empty and numb inside. I couldn’t stop crying, the next day I was at work, I hadn’t slept well and was still crying at work. I couldn’t believe how much our boy had meant to me. It has got easier but he will never be forgotten. Winston makes sure he is not forgotten, he comes back to us for visits as at some times we can smell him then the smell disappears. We are planning to move and in the new house in the garden we are going to do memorial patch in the garden for him. He will always be with us.

2014-09-22 22.04.01

So this is the story of our famous boy Winston. Daddy will continue to keep you alive around the world and everyone will know you. R.I.P our boy. We love you so much.

I hope this hasn’t been too emotional for you to read, I’ve had tears in my eyes writing it.

Thank you. Amanda.


2 thoughts on “Our Famous Boy

  1. Thank you. I know it must have been heartbreaking to read but I had to share our boy with the world. He was very special and loved not only by us but to others. I’m just glad you liked it Stuart.


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